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Surf Park

Wave Pools and Surf Parks | Key Performance Metrics

The Criteria for Determining the Quality Level of Surfable Waves (1-10 Score)

  • Wave Height (Capable range)
  • Wave Consistency (Maximum waves per minute)
  • Successive wave turbulence (Glassy, Bumpy, Boiling?)
  • Peel Rate
  • Closeouts? (Intentional or Non-Intentional? Can add value if intentional)
  • Maximum attainable board speed. (How is this determined?)
    • Size & Shape of the face of the wave
    • Weight of the surfer
    • Surfboard Characteristics
    • Water buoyancy? (Salinity levels? Fresh vs. Salt Water?)
  • Tube sections? How much is rideable in the tube? How deep can you get? How wide is the barrel?
  • How long is the surfable/rideable wall of the wave? Steepness angle of the face of the wave?
  • Total ride length of wave.
  • Increased overall surf park/wave pool value for availability of both rights and lefts consecutively.
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