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URBNSURF Looks Ahead At Future Surf Park Developments and Wave Tech Partners

URBNSURF Sydney Secures Funding And Will Look To Optimize The Surfing Experience In Future Surf Parks With An Agnostic Approach To Wave Tech Partners

URBNSURF Press Release
Rendering of URBNSURF Sydney Olympic Park
Rendering of URBNSURF Sydney Olympic Park (Courtesy of URBNSURF)

URBNSURF Group Pty Ltd (URBNSURF), the developer and operator of Australia’s first surf park, has successfully completed its capital raising for its second world-class surfing lagoon with construction to commence at Sydney Olympic Park in Spring 2021.

Funding was secured from a range of investors from across the country including existing investors behind URBNSURF Melbourne.

The $55 million facility powered by the same Wavegarden® Cove technology used in Melbourne will deliver approximately 600 waves per hour across its 1.8 hectare lagoon. The Park will also offer a range of experiences for the surfer and non-surfer alike, including a leisure pool, retail store, food and beverage offerings, and conference facilities.

Joel Parkinson at URBNSURF (Photo Courtesy of Ed Sloane)

URBNSURF recognizes that with the massive amount of R&D occurring in wave generation technology it is important to consider the right product for the right market.

The significant advancements in man-made wave technology combined with URBNSURF’s experience operating Melbourne has resulted in a move to a technology agnostic solution that will enable them to offer different solutions for different locations ensuring the surf experience is optimized every time.

Damon Tudor, CEO, URBNSURF said this approach allows us to offer the best possible solution to each unique location. Wavegarden has been fantastic in Melbourne and is suitable for Sydney and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them again, as we are excited to see new technology partners such as Endless Surf come to life in our other projects.

“Rather than simply replicate an experience that is available elsewhere, our decisions are driven by the best solution for the surf and customer experience, safety and project feasibility. The concept of creating an entirely different experience, like different breaks that surfers travel to, is great from a customer and tourism perspective.”

Wave technology comes down to wave quality, frequency, capacity and the capability to program a myriad of wave options from symmetrical A-frame waves or a down the line point break and everything in between.

Endless Surf, one of the technology providers in partnership with URBNSURF for it’s
proposed Perth location, can run different waves on the left and right at the same time and run bigger wave settings while holding lessons and kid’s sessions in the shallow zones ensuring you can optimize occupancy in the lagoon.

The Endless Surf lagoon in Perth will offer a 160m long ridable wave which equates to around a 26 second ride. This is twice the length of the ride currently on offer in Melbourne.

Overhead Development Rendering – Provided by Endless Surf
Aerial Rendering of URBNSURF Perth Project (Courtesy of Endless Surf)

“The Endless Surf wave technology houses all its moving parts above the water which means less corrosion and all maintenance is easily performed ensuring the lagoon doesn’t need to be drained for maintenance plus the overall lagoon size uses 40% less water and subsequently less chemicals. These are all attractive features to us as an operator and important from a sustainability perspective. In Melbourne, we use 100% renewable energy as we will in Sydney,” explained Tudor.

As an Australian-owned company, URBNSURF is committed to local job creation,
particularly during and post the pandemic where so many people are struggling.
URBNSURF Sydney will employ more than 200 construction jobs, 150 operational roles in the park and as per Melbourne and future projects like the Perth bid will employ locally.

JS Surf Team at URBNSURF (Photo Courtesy of Ed Sloane)

“Our vision is to create memorable experiences through surfing for people from all walks of life and we are dedicated to bringing down the barriers and increasing participation, whether you are a competitive surfer, a recreational surfer or simply looking to get into the sport,” added Tudor.

URBNSURF Sydney is scheduled to open in early 2023.

Read more about the URBNSURF Perth project from Endless Surf press release here.

Join Surf Park Insiders to watch Insiders Episode-4 featuring Damon Tudor, URBNSURF CEO.

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