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The Wave Bristol Is On!

The Wave Bristol is coming in 2019 and will be Europe’s first full-size public Wavegarden Cove.

May 1, 2018. Surfing a perfect on-demand wave like the Wavegarden Cove sounds great as a standalone. Once you surround an on-demand wave with pure nature and beauty it starts to sound more like the roots of surfing, helped by technology. The Wave Bristol wants to do just that. They’ve just announced the signing of their contract with Wavegarden to bring surfing, outdoor activities, and the benefits that come along with the lifestyle to as many as they can in 2019. The Wave Bristol is on, and even though their technology is the same ( Wavegarden “Cove”) as many others, the experience they’re going to bring is exceptionally unique.

The Mission

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the way of life as seen by a surfer or other outdoor recreational activities, regardless of their fears or abilities. Surfing is at the heart of The Wave Bristol but they want to do much more. Using their space for education and inspiration to turn people onto loads of topics from marine conservation to meditation.

They envision The Wave Bristol, and their future locations to be a place to reconnect with the outdoors and exercise while being a rehabilitative environment for body and soul. The team behind the project expresses a lot of energy into environmental sustainability.

The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are apart of the conversation as well. The Wave will be the training ground for Surf England and provide the infrastructure to support surfing athletes in preparation for the World Games and the Olympic Games. The Surfers from the team already tested the Wavegarden machine at the R&D center in Spain and they say to bring it back home will do heeps for their surfing.

The Location

“The Wave Bristol” will be located in well, Bristol, England. The foundation of their location is based on the surfing experience in support of onboarding novice surfers and supporting the development of up-and-coming future professional surfers.

The grounds of the wave pool will be surrounded by beautiful gardens, camping pitches, and relaxing spaces for people to enjoy nature. By the time they open camping season will be in full swing as well as the desire…Need for more surf after the summer months.

The Timeline

They hope to be pushing out waves and having surfers in the water for testing by mid-2019, with hopes to be open to the public by autumn of 2019. They’ve got the full team working alongside them and are prepared to deal with any unforeseen issues that arise during a major construction project. During the pre-launch, crowd funders of The Wave Bristol will get exclusive access and be able to redeem the surf sessions that they pledged for in 2014.

I would personally like to thank each and every one of you who has helped and supported us over the last few years. Thank you for your patience, your excitement and your belief in this project.

– Nick Hounsfield, Founder, The Wave Bristol.

The Wave

This surf park is going to utilize Wavegarden technology, specifically the “Cove” model. The two have just signed their contract and enabling work has officially been commenced on site.

The Cove generates up to 1,000 waves per hour from wave heights of 1.5 ft up to 6.5 ft, which allows the masses the ability to get out there and give surfing a try. The pool can host beginner surfers while also accommodating professional level rippers. The six different surfing zones allow for up to 8o surfers at the same time via a mix of different surf breaks.

Nick Hounsfield has been the one behind this project for the last six years and is ready to realize all of his efforts.

“It has been a long journey, however, we have now secured the land, planning permits, finance, as well as an expert team to make our vision a reality. It is all systems go and we are now on site preparing for construction! We looked at a number of different

The Wave Bristol

Wavegarden’s CEO & Founder Josema Odriozola

wave-making suppliers to provide us with what we needed: a high frequency of ocean-like waves and a commercially viable business plan. Our research concluded with the Wavegarden Cove that clearly meets these requirements and so much more.”

Wavegardens Founder and CEO Josema Odriozola is ready to fill the order for the surfing lifestyle in the UK and spoke out on

behalf of the new partnership, “we know the UK has a strong appetite for surfing and we’re confident The Wave Bristol is going to be a great destination for surfing”.

The Surfers

Upcoming English pro surfers, Harry De Roth, Luke Dillon and Lucy Campbell were sent to Spain to test the technology before they went all in on Wavegarden. De Roth is a surfer from St. Ives who surfs really well and is looking forward to progressing even more with his fellow teammates. He said,

“it’s exactly what we need, consistent waves like everywhere else in Europe. It’s going to help our whole country a lot.”

The Wave Bristol is now on-track after signing their partnership agreement with Wavegarden to bring a surfing sanctuary to the UK. This park is a milestone marker in Europ’s surfing history as it will be the first full-size public Wavegarden Cove model in Europe as well as the second in the world following URBNSURF Melbourne.

Hopefully, by mid-2019 they will be pumping out surf for those who pledged back in 2014 following not too far by opening up to the public in the autumn of 2019.



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