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Supersession Round 2 at Slater’s Surf Ranch

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Watch pro surfers Steph Gilmore, Josh Kerr and Wingnut enjoying their first sessions on Kelly Slater Wave Company’s barreling man-made surf lagoon in Lemoore, California.

#ThanksKelly For an experience I will never forget! You do it time and time again, chasing your dreams and creating your visions. It’s incredibly inspiring. I’m still pinching myself that this is actually real! Congratulations @kswaveco || THANK YOU! ?? @kellyslater ? and all the people that support my adventures around the globe @roxy @weetbixau@nikonaustralia @dhdsurf@creaturesofleisure ❤️ song: Eddie Vedder on the Uke ??  (Via @stephaniegilmore on Instagram, May 6, 2016)

#thankskelly @kellyslater for the amazing opportunity/ experience the last couple days! The whole @kswaveco crew, you guys have done amazing things changing history! The wave is way to much fun. On this particular wave, I’m riding a 5’5 Twin Fin @rustysurfboards ! I rode all sorts of boards on the wave. It was so fun just to play around knowing the wave would be the same every time. ? (Via @josh_kerr84 on Instagram, May 6, 2016)

#thankskelly and everyone @kswaveco for including me in that first weekend at the Surf Ranch. Watching @rissmoore10 @nat_young@kanoaigarashi and especially @kellyslaterwas mind blowing!!! Totally felt like I was racing a station wagon against Porsches…the ENERGY-SPEED-POWER of that wave is AMAZING.
I will never forget the experience!!! @firewiresurfboards @freewaters_footwear @birdwellbeachbritches @robertaugustsurfco @officialmauijim @sunbum @rainbowfins @croakies@sexwaxofficial #whereswingnut (Via @thewingnut on Instagram, May 6, 2016)

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