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American Wave Machines

Sundsvall Arena’s Himlabadet SurfStream in Sweden


SurfStream in Himlabadet Sweden by American Wave Machines

Cheyne Magnusson Surfing Himlabadet SurfStream


Sundsvall Arena’s Himlabadet SurfStream in Sweden is home to Europe’s very first American Wave Machines surfing destination.

Himlabadet or Heavenly Bath’s purpose in Sundsvall is to to provide an adventure for everyone. The all-season action and adventure sports facility helps Sundsvall to be perceived as a more desirable destination to both residents and visitors alike. 

Key Information:

  • 16′ Wide Surfing Channel with a 2-4′ Wave
  • Wave is suitable for Surfing & Bodyboarding
  • Price for a session in the SurfStream: $10 (USD)

Description from American Wave Machines: Designed with a northern Swedish theme, Sundsvall Arena’s Himlabadet is an all-season indoor municipal facility that creates a natural oasis of forest, heat, fire, and water elements. Emphasizing adventure and action for all ages, Himlabadet boasts water slides, whirlpools, a climbing wall, children’s pool and in keeping with the theme of nature, a SurfStream that delivers an authentic surfing experience.

Check out the Himlabadet SurfStream:

Learn more about American Wave Machines and their wave technology here.


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