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Siam Park Wave Pool Destination in Tenerife Spain

Siam Park Wave Pool and Surf Park Information

Siam Park beats many records, but the one we are especially proud of is our exhilarating wave pool. We have the biggest wave in the world and the waves in our pool reach up to 3 metres high. You can ride the surf with them or feel them breaking gently at your feet on our beautiful white sandy beach. If you want to hire our wave pool, after hours, in order to surf and have fun with your friends, contact us by phone to 902 06 00 00 or email to Water temperature 24ºC. – Info from the Siam Park Surf website.

Wave Pool and Surf Park in Tenerife Spain

“A hard core voice inside might tell you that waves in a pool are weak, predictable, always the same, boring… The fact is, the Volcom Europe Groms surfed the Siam park wave pool in Tenerife last week and definitely found unsuspected sensations… The place is like a forgotten land somewhere in the jungle, a never land that does not exist. But it does!!! As you arrive to the pool, the quality and color of water reminds me of the best exotic surf locations like Polynesia and Mentawis…Except that it is flat! All of the sudden a gong, then another one warn that the wave is coming…” – Quote from Volcom Europe Groms Invade Pool on Surfers Village Global Surf News

“It’s a great place to practice that one move over and over.” says Kai Lenny of the wave park in the Canary Islands. Check out the video below from his trip with fellow Naish rider, Eduardo Diaz and friend Felix Palmero in Tenerife for some crystal blue water action.

Oakley brought the worlds best surfers to Siam Park to ride the wave and they all loved it. They travelled from as far away as Australia to come to Tenerife, The event was a huge success…There has also been a windsurfing demonstration in Siam Park… The event went very well and the pool was hired for an international windsurfing competition. Info from Murphy’s Waves website. (Check out the video from the 2011 Siam Park Extreme Jump Competition)

Siam Surf Park Wave Pool Travel Destination

Learn more about Siam Park Wave Pool by visiting their website.

Siam Park Wave Pool & Wave Technology Provided by Murphy’s Waves

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