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Ready To See Greg Webber’s Surf Pool In Action?

Greg Webber’s surf pool technology is shrouded in mystery. What exactly will it look like? How will it compare with American Wave Machines, Surf Loch, Wavegarden, Surf Lakes, and Kelly Slater’s Surf Co? It appears we may soon have an answer.

According to, “Coral Springs Florida unveiled plans for a new wave pool. City officials are backing the project hoping to expand the area’s recreational draw while creating a space for the area’s youth. Located just inland of Pompano Beach Florida, Coral Springs juts up against the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area. The wave pool is planned for Royal Palm Boulevard near Sawgrass Expressway next to an existing aquatic complex.

And the best part? While it’s one of three surf park projects being developed in Florida, it’ll be the first Webber surf pool of its kind.

“Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!” Webber told recently. “And yes it’s a single channel linear pool that goes up and back. About a 25-second ride at head high and they are planning on making 2.25 waves. About 120 waves an hour with one hull and nearer to 180 with two hulls. The plan is for this smaller non-looped design for the colleges and training and the full scale looped linear for larger-scale developments next to existing hotels. What’s great is that it will still allow for customized waves and they want to use the current control system too.”

More on the Webber Wave Pool system below:

The Webber Wave Pool system involves two types of water displacement: one to make waves, the other to make currents.The hull drive system is composed of a looped steel rail TRACK onto which the wheeled carriages are attached. Each CARRIAGE is suspended underneath the track, like a carriage on an urban monorail system. By using electric MOTORS to drive the carriages and nitrogen filled rubber tyres on the rails, noise is virtually eliminated. The hull is attached to the carriage by HYDRAULIC actuators which then move each hull to make changes to the wave size and shape. Software controls the speed and the draft and the angle of each hull. Small changes in these three elements, brought about by the software, result in immediate changes to the wave size and shape.

When waves break in an open environment like at an ocean beach or in a closed system like a wave pool, currents will form. And the turbulence and swirling that results can severely limit the potential wave rate while waiting between waves for the water surface to settle. In our wave making system we have developed a method of not only controlling unwanted current to thereby maximise wave rate, but also to create controlled and desired water movements to enhance the way the wave breaks.

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