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Groundbreaking Underway for Europe’s First Endless Surf Pool

Press Release from Endless Surf:

The construction of SURFTOWN® MUC was announced to the public last year as Europe’s largest surf pool, with overwhelming media attention. Since then, the developers have consistently forged the project ahead, finding solutions for the structural and technical requirements in close cooperation with the responsible authorities. In particular, the self-imposed goal to realize climate-neutral and sustainable concepts required time-consuming approaches and innovative answers. Today, SURFTOWN MUC, featuring Endless Surf technology, celebrates their official groundbreaking with representatives present from the political, business, and surfing communities. Situated close to the Munich Airport at Lilienthalstrasse 12 in Hallbergmoos, the world-class surf park facility is slated to test operations in late 2023 and officially open to the public in the spring of 2024.

SURFTOWN MUC with Endless SUrf
Rendering of SURFTOWN MUC (Source: Endless Surf)

“We are thrilled and proud to get closer each day to our dream of surfing near Munich”, says Chris Boehm- Tettelbach, CEO of SURFTOWN® MUC. “My sincere thanks go to the municipality of Hallbergmoos, which has accepted the challenges of our forward-thinking project with remarkable pioneering spirit.

Marking a major milestone for the city, Josef Niedermair, Mayor Hallbergmoos says, “For the municipality, SURFTOWN® MUC is a historic opportunity that everyone can benefit from. On a political level, we have done our best to ensure that this extraordinary project can be realized in our town. Once again we are proving that Hallbergmoos is capable of courageous and forward-thinking steps.”

Also, for the first time the team from SURFTOWN® MUC showcases the concrete visualizations of the project designed by Munich’s architects “Maisch Wolf Architekten”.

Europe surf park
The groundbreaking for SURFTOWN MUC (Source: Endless Surf)

A center for surf lifestyle and community

The organically shaped surf lagoon by Endless Surf technology is 180 meters long and is incredibly flexible when it comes to operating configurations and customizable wave production. Most notably, Endless Surf can produce a “peeling wave” along its entire length, offering up a 20 second ride for surfers. The design of the surrounding buildings picks up the water theme with a reminiscent of the shape of a breaking wave. The overall result is a facility where athletes as well as the general public can look forward to a visit with high recreational value: an outdoor fitness area, a children’s playground and the beach area with many facilities to lay down and relax. In combination with a contemporary gastronomic concept, the complex is intended to convey the special surfing lifestyle that is so attractive for many people. The idea of the developers of SURFTOWN® MUC is also to create a meeting place for the region: from onlookers to employees on their lunch break, from young surfing talents to families and children who want to spend an extraordinary day outdoors. Even International Championships can take place at SURFTOWN MUC, thanks to the flexible wave design with heights from 30cm to 2.5 meters.

sustainable surfing
SURFTOWN MUC aims to be sustainable (Source: Endless Surf)

“At the core of all our planning is the unique surfing experience, which should provide visitors – from absolute novices to Olympians – a safe environment for everything that makes this sport such a passion,” says Chief Surfing Officer Michi Mohr. “And that includes an innovative surf school and coaching concept for beginners, intermediate surfers and pros, in addition to a relaxed and cool ambience and additional outdoor sports facilities.”

Innovative technologies for a sustainable surf park experience

In order to serve the various dimensions of sustainability, different ecological, economic, and social factors were considered for the conception of SURFTOWN® MUC. The overall goal is to make the facility climate-neutral and to focus on renewable energy and water-saving measures:

• 90 percent of the energy needs of the surfing facility and outbuildings are generated from photovoltaic systems used on the property as well as on an adjacent open space. The remaining electricity needs will be covered by green electricity from the local grid.

• The design for the facility’s water supply does not use valuable potable water: It feeds on local groundwater, which is abundantly available in Hallbergmoos due to its swampy topography. Special filter systems and a circulating water system are also designed to minimize consumption.

• To make the arrival and departure of visitors as eco-friendly as possible, public transport passengers and drivers of electric cars, e-scooters and bicycles will be incentivized with a special bonus system. Adequate electronic charging infrastructure in parking lots will also be provided.

Innovative technologies also characterize the wave generator that will be used in SURFTOWN® MUC and forms the heart of the surf park. The artificial waves by Endless Surf are created by a pneumatic chamber system that converts pressure into wave energy. This technologically sophisticated system is provided by attractions industry leading Canadian company WhiteWater for the first time in the world at SURFTOWN® MUC. It can roll out fully customizable peeling waves up to more than two meters in height with a time interval of about ten seconds along the entire length of the pool.

european endless surf
The park is expected to open in 2024 (Source: Endlesss Surf)

“Bringing customizable waves to an already vibrant surf community surrounding the Eisbach River will surely solidify Munich as a surfing hub for Germany and beyond. We’re incredibly honored to contribute to this rich surf culture alongside the dynamic team behind SURFTOWN® MUC. This moment marks a huge milestone for us all and we can’t wait to start rolling out Endless Surf waves in Munich” said Paul Chutter, President of Endless Surf and WhiteWater.

Rainer Maelzer, President of WhiteWater’s European Region team located in Munich speaks highly of the project in saying, “The vision for SURFTOWN® MUC is revolutionary. This is undoubtedly a world-class surf park in the making, and we are thrilled to bring it to life and add to Munich’s growing reputation of being a European powerhouse for action sports. Plus, with our European regional team local to Munich, we’ve got quite a bit of hometown pride for this one.”

Adjacent to SURFTOWN® MUC, the project developer Rock Capital Group is building the HYBRID ONE lifestyle quarter, unique in Europe, with a boulevard, showrooms, gastronomy, retail as well as ultra-modern and flexible office and laboratory space. The goal: to redefine leisure and work on 30,000 square meters. This portion of the development is scheduled for a 2025 completion, while waves at SURFTOWN MUC will already be pumping.


The independent project developer SURFTOWN® Hallbergmoos GmbH is currently realizing a 20,000sqm artificial surfing facility in the heart of the Munich Airport Business Park (MABP), which is unique in Europe. Environmentally friendly generated and individually adjustable waves by means of pressure conversion will offer a unique sport, training and leisure experience – for professionals and beginners as well as for all other interested people of any age. The complete system of the facility is designed to be CO2-neutral and relies on renewable energies as well as a sustainable water concept.
The initiators of SURFTOWN® MUC are united by the fascination of surfing: The founders Chris Boehm- Tettelbach, Michi Mohr and Jonas Boehm-Tettelbach as well as the first investors Dr. Thomas Heinrich, Conrad Albert, Erik Dahl, Dr. Jan Ehrhardt and Gerfried Schuller.

About Endless Surf & WhiteWater

Endless Surf brings the next generation of powerful, efficient, and customizable waves for to the growing world of inland surfing; backed by four decades of WhiteWater’s expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design. WhiteWater built its first surf pool in 1989 and it still operates today. Building on that heritage, Endless Surf’s expert wave designers have enhanced this reliable pneumatic technology to create Endless rolling sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity, and above all else, safety. Endless Surf provides iconic inland surfing experiences that will draw guests of all skill levels to surf parks; WhiteWater brings developers the comfort of a proven track record designing experiences which keep guests onsite and drive ROI. Find our more information at

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