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FlowRider Announces First Deep Flow Wave System with FlowSurf

Continuing FlowRider’s history of engineering prowess and stationary wave expertise, the newest product in the lineup takes the stationary wave into the deep-water format. Inspired by river waves, FlowSurf has all the qualities you know and trust from FlowRider, but instead of riding this wave on a flowboard, guests use a surfboard.

FlowRider’s newest wave tech
Rendering of a possible FlowSurf design. (Image: FlowRider/WhiteWater West)

The FlowSurf Experience

FlowSurf was created out of over 30 years of experience in the stationary wave industry, but it looks a bit different than the average product in the FlowRider lineup. FlowSurf is created using a deep flow of water, which enables guests to use a real surfboard to carve a never-ending wave.

“We all live, eat, sleep, and breathe surfing at FlowRider. FlowSurf isn’t real surfing because you’re not in the ocean, and it takes out the most difficult parts of surfing,” says Marshall Myrman, president of FlowRider. “River waves, which FlowSurf is modeled after, provide an amazing and fun experience on a surfboard where you cut and carve a continuous deep flow wave. Surfers of all levels will be able to work on their skills and have an absolute blast on this wave.”

FlowSurf is designed to accommodate all skill levels. A bar can be used to help beginners gain their confidence on the wave, and skilled surfers get the unique experience of shredding a wave that keeps pumping endlessly.

First images of flowsurf
The future for FlowRider with FlowSurf. (Image: FlowRider/WhiteWater West)

Engineering Informed by Nature

Engineering inspiration often comes from nature, and the Waimea River Wave is the inspiration for FlowSurf. This wave is created by surfers when the Waimea River overflows into the ocean, and the result is a silky-smooth surface that surfers can carve on.

“We knew that to create the best possible ride experience, we needed to replicate the incredibly smooth flow found in some naturally occurring river waves, which is a huge challenge in a stationary wave system since pumps introduce turbulence.” says Eliza Dawson, design and development engineer at FlowRider. “To solve this problem, we took inspiration from nature. We observed that the roots of mangrove trees have a smoothing effect on water which inspired the water smoothing-technology used in the ride.”

FlowSurf uses a natural design
The new system was inspired by nature. (Image: FlowRider/WhiteWater West)

The Growth of Surf

Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports. Growing at 12% yearly, global surfing markets are projected to be worth $3.1B by 2026. FlowSurf meets a growing market for surf experiences outside of the ocean by making the sport more accessible to people who live inland or even those near the ocean. Surfside bars work hard all day and into the night to provide ROI that makes them ones of the hottest new trends in location-based entertainment. FlowSurf will captivate a crowd and be the centerpiece of these venues.

About FlowRider

FlowRider created the stationary wave machine category and has been making stationary waves since 1991. For over 30 years, FlowRider has been dedicated to developing innovative, reliable, delight- inducing wave technology.
FlowRider leads the charge with dedication to innovation, quality, and service. The newest innovation, FlowSurf, combines the care and quality of FlowRider with the future of stationary wave machines. Learn more at

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