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American Wave Machines

American Dream Meadowlands, NJ Released as Next US Surf Park

American Wave Machines announces the largest surf park in the world to be built as part of the American Dream – Meadowlands, NJ project.

Watch American Wave Machines Surf Park Summit Presentation

Millions of surfers throughout New York, New Jersey and the north-east coast are frothing after hearing American Wave Machines(AWM) announcement at Surf Park Summit, which stated that their next U.S. project could be completed as early as January 2015.

The $3.7 billion American Dream – Meadowlands, NJ project has been a pipe dream since the previous development consortium, headed by California-based Colony Capital LLC, ran out of money in 2009. But now with the project being revitalized by Triple Five, the Canadian development company which owns the Mall of America and the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, momentum seems to be building toward completion.

During Surf Park Summit, Bruce McFarland, owner of American Wave Machines, announced that AWM has been commissioned to create a wave pool capable of creating 7.5 ft peaks, A-Frames, rights, lefts, closeouts and point break style waves. The surf pool will also have the ability to cater to all experience levels in size and strength of the waves.

Alan Marcus, Triple Five spokesman said, “American Wave Machines is one of the companies we’re working with to make our water park the best in the world. Triple Five always seeks to exceed what it has done in the past to enhance customer experience.”

In addition to the proposed football field-sized surf park, the mega mall will include an indoor theme park, ski slope, skydiving wind tunnel, gigantic Ferris wheel, ice skating arena, movie theaters and other attractions.

So while the breadth of the full project is certainly grand, the implications that this type of surf park facility alone will have for the surf industry are similar in scale. If and when this park comes to fruition it will render the long-standing dream of a large man-made barrel a reality. The rest as they say, will likely be history.



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