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Aloha SurfHouse

Introducing Aloha SurfHouse

Aloha SurfHouse threw a bunch of really fun “stuff” together to create a stoke warehouse.

Aloha SurfHouse | Clip 'n Climb | Wave pool Joondalup | Wave pool Australia | Surf Park Central

Joondalup, in Western Australia, is now home to the nation’s first indoor surfing attraction. Well, a surfing, rock climbing, yoga, and shopping attraction… The motivation behind Aloha SurfHouse was an organic desire to make folks smile. As Adam Blackwood, Aloha director, explains, “I always wanted to do something to make people happy and I was looking into things like trampolines and FlowRider.”

Amidst Mr. Blackwood’s searching he stumbled across American Wave Machines and their SurfStream technology, which, “ticked all the boxes,” he told Joondalup Times. Along with the indoor wave, he wanted to create a place where like-minded people could come grab a coffee, hang out, meet friends and family, and do loads of exciting activities. “I just picked a bunch of fun stuff that makes everyone happy and threw it all into one thing.” – Not a bad idea.

Aloha SurfHouse | Clip 'n Climb | Wave pool Joondalup | Wave pool Australia | Surf Park Central

Water is pushed through the chambers at varying speeds. Photo: Joondalup Times

The facility features American Wave Machines SurfStream technology, offering up to seven different wave types for all levels to enjoy. Riders can use real surfboards with fins on a deep cushion of water and surf an endless wave. Learning on the smaller, roughly two foot flowing wave before advancing to the classic standing wave. Which is a smaller version of the barrel section. More experienced surfers will look to the standing barrel. Tube rides can be had for as long as your legs can take it, but it’s not easy. The legs start to heat up like when on a powder run; but the barrel is worth the soreness at the end of the day.

Aloha SurfHouse offers individual 30-minute sessions, Wave and Climb Combo’s, or five to ten session bundles. Prices start at $35 and go up from there.

To complement the healthy community that Mr. Blackwood wanted to create, he decided to feature other appropriate activities such as a yoga studio and Western Australia’s first Clip ‘n Climb indoor wall. This rock climbing design is an auto-belay system, which means you don’t need a buddy on the ground to spot you. It features race walls, a giant slide, and a leap of faith, plus it’s suitable for many ages making it a great addition to the facility. Yoga classes will be running shortly, so check for details to come soon.

Adam doesn’t want to take away from ocean surfing, he advocates for an active, healthy and happy life. He says, “on a perfect day, I would want to be out there surfing and I would be encouraging others as well.”

Aloha SurfHouse | Clip 'n Climb | Wave pool Joondalup | Wave pool Australia | Surf Park Central

Early photos of the SurfStream® installation Photo: Joondalup times

The project has been two years in the making and although Aloha SurfHouse has encountered some bumps along the road regarding construction, Adam says that “we have had some hiccups and sometimes wonder why we’re doing this and wanting to quit, but then you look at the end game and get excited again.” He also added that “this engineering has never been done before, we needed to find the right builder and the right architect, and get the right people involved.”

They have aspirations to go national as well as international with their new business model. “We already have a site in mind in Western Sydney, then we’ll go to Melbourne, Adelaide, and open a second one in Perth,” he said. “There are also hotels in Singapore that have shown an interest.”

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