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ADG Launches EpicSurf, New Deep Water Standing Wave technology

Aquatic Development Group, Inc. Press Release
Epic Surf by ADG

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) is proud to announce the launch of their new ‘EpicSurf’ stationary surf wave which was introduced to the market during a virtual Tradeshow Summit that took place virtually on June 24, 2021 and was hosted by Surf Park Central. The event brought together leaders from around the world within the surf industry to discuss the latest developments in the market and introduce new and advancing technologies on all things surf.

EpicSurf, engineered, and manufactured at ADG’s headquarters in Upstate New York, is a true
deep-water stationary surf wave that is designed to appeal to both the expert and novice surfer alike.

Differentiating it from other stationary waves on the market, the EpicSurf is produces a real
wave of water with a depth that can be adjusted from between 3’ – 5’ for a more authentic
surfing experience versus on a ride that produces only a thin sheet of water that is pushed over a formed surface.

And with a compact footprint that works as well in a city setting as in a surf park, it is helping
make the sport of surfing more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Epic Surf by ADG
Ariel view of EpicSurf wave

“There are other manufacturers out there who are approaching stationary surf waves with
thinner films of water but at ADG we wanted to go all in and create a wave that gives riders a
truer surf experience,” says Jim Dunn, President of ADG. “EpicSurf is an opportunity for
experienced surfers to get on and use real ocean boards and have lots of room to carve and perfect their skills, but at the same time it also offers a platform for beginners, giving them the chance to learn and advance, growing the sport for everyone.”

“This is the perfect wave for surf lessons,” notes Phil Jackson, Executive Director of Surf Dreams Foundation who brought a group of youth surfers with him to visit the EpicSurf and try out the ride. “The EpicSurf wave is a real game changer for the surf industry. The kids couldn’t get enough of it.”

“The wave is amazing, we surfed every board under the sun and just had the best day of our
lives,” said Ben Gravy, Professional Surfer, “This wave truly is what they call it… EPIC.”

ADG’s EpicSurf offers a unique Rapid Wave Adjustability system by means of a remote access control system that allows the operator to quickly and easily tune the wave, which means each and every rider, whether expert or beginner, can get an instantly customizable ride experience matched perfectly to their skill level. Dual training bar options are also available for beginners helping to ease them onto the wave and enhance learn-to-surf programming opportunities.

Epic Surf by ADG
Beginner riders surfing the EpicSurf wave

And the non-stop action of the EpicSurf wave means that the waves keep rolling so surfers
never have to wait to catch that perfect swell.

“I caught about 150 waves in about 7 hours of surfing EpicSurf today, and I feel like I have
progressed so much”, said Cooper Jewel, an ESA Junior Surfer who surfed EpicSurf earlier this month. “That’s more waves than I catch in a year of surfing in the ocean!”

Epic Surf by ADG
Junior surfer, Cooper Jewel, surfing EpicSurf

The EpicSurf wave surface can be designed and built starting from a width of 30-feet and can
expand up from there in increments of 8’ depending on your specific site plan or business
model needs.

EpicSurf marks the latest development in wave design and engineering from ADG, a company
long known for its innovation, creativity, and superior wave system products.

“EpicSurf is not the first deep-water surf ride to hit the market,” notes Dunn, “but it is the first
to be designed and manufactured in North America and backed by a company that has been
making, installing and servicing waves for more than 50 years.”

Epic Surf by ADG

ADG is well known in the industry as North America’s most respected designer and builder of
water parks, with more than 100 design-build projects to their credit. They are also the leading manufacturer when it comes to wave systems having been one of the first companies to produce successful hydraulic and pneumatic surfing waves back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Their WaveTek® branded waves are installed in over 500+ wave pools in resorts and water parks around the world, as well as can be found in aquariums, water rescue training facilities, fountains, and even in motion pictures.

ADG is also the team responsible for the development, manufacturing, and installation of more than 125 FlowRiders at resorts and water parks across North America. ADG joined Surf Park Central in January of this year.

For more information on EpicSurf visit:

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) is North America’s most respected water park and recreational design, construction, and manufacturing firms in the industry. ADG’S products & services have been utilized in over 4,000 facilities worldwide, spanning six continents. They have designed, engineered, and constructed more than 100 indoor and outdoor waterparks and resort waterfronts™, and over 500 wave pools and specialty wave systems around the world. ADG has won numerous IAAPA Brass Ring and WWA Leading Edge Awards for their projects and products. You can see more of their work at

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