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Waves Manufacturing Emerging Tech Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 | Teaser Version

Surf Park Summit 2 | Waves Manufacturing Teaser


Cheyne Carnahan’s Waves Manufacturing Emerging Tech Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 (Teaser Version)

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Teaser version of Cheyne Carnahan’s Waves Manufacturing Emerging Tech presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 on September 7, 2016. We’ll talk about the major components of a successful surf pool. Wave generation currently known and possible future extensions of tech, reef design, controlling wave shape, pool currents, and chop mitigation techniques. Lastly talking about how to integrate all of these aspects into a working Surf Pool and still have it be affordable for future surf park developments.


“Our team at Waves Manufacturing have produced the wave technology patents, engineering and project planning expertise required to deliver the wave riding and surf park concept in any country. We specialize in the innovation, design, and construction of surf pools, standing waves, and other recreational water attractions. We have developed a complete range of Wave Generators, weir and standing wave contours suitable for inclusion in every type of aquatic facility from domestic pools, waterparks, to lakes and rivers specifically designed to provide the best wave riding experience.”