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Tony Finn Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 | Teaser Version

Surf Park Summit 2 | Tony Finn Teaser


Tony Finn Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 (Teaser Version)

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Teaser version of Tony Finn’s presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 on September 7, 2016. Tony is the Founder and Owner of Liquid Force. In his presentation he discusses the dramatic growth of Wake Parks over the last 5 years around the world, and what it has done for the sport of wakeboarding. He draws significant parallels to surfing, and the potential of Surf Parks to really blow the sport up worldwide!


Tony Finn co-founded Liquid Force in 1996. Through constant and relentless innovation, Liquid Force has become the world’s largest and most successful wakeboard company in the world. Tony has also been a leading pioneer of the Wakeboard Park business, and has helped start multiple parks around the country. Liquid Force was the first brand to truly embrace the growth of wakeboard parks which are fueling wakeboarding’s growth worldwide. Tony is widely regarded as one of the great visionaries in the action sports world and will give us some perspective on what Surf Parks can do for the sport of surfing!


Founded in 1995, with roots going back to the sport’s first days, Liquid Force has become the leader in wakeboard related products and apparel. Founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon were two pioneers in the sport of Wakeboarding credited with creating the sport. Finn was the developer of the Skurfer which is largely regarded as the product that put wakeboarding on the map, and Redmon is regarded as the most influential and creative designer of products since the sports inception. Working together, they have helped grow Liquid Force to the top within the wakeboarding segment. With the additions of a wakeskating, wakesurfing and kiteboarding division, as well as a core retailer apparel program, sales for the Encinitas, CA based company now commands a large percentage of market share. Liquid Force is dedicated to RELENTLESS INNOVATION, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality.