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Surf Park Summit 2 Presentation and Panel Videos

Surf Park Summit 2 | Tony Perez Interview Teaser


You can download the full Surf Park Summit 2 event program here. (Password: SPS2) If you’re a Surf Park Insider Premium or Company Member you can also access the transcripts from all of the Summit presentations here.

GARY REAM – Founder & President of Camp Woodward

FERNANDO AGUERRE – President of The International Surfing Association

PT TOWNEND & GLENN BRUMAGE – Surfing, the Olympics and the Chinese Example

JESS PONTING, PH.D. – Associate Professor, Founder & Director, San Diego State University Center for Surf Research

BRUCE MCFARLAND – Founder & President of American Wave Machines

SEAN YOUNG – Head of Destination Consulting, Colliers International

ANDY AINSCOUGH – Founder & Managing Director of Surf Snowdonia

PSICOBLOC CLIMBING – Climbing and Surf Parks

AARON CHANG – A New Direction in Surf Art

THOMAS KINNEY – Wave Park Design & Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics

TRISTAN BOXFORD – Founder & CEO of The Waterman League and Stand Up World Tour & Series

TONY FINN – Founder & Owner, Liquid Force

CLAUDE COUDRY – Founder & President of Oasis Surf

SKIP TAYLOR – Experience Creator at Replay Resorts

TOM LOCHTEFELD – Founder & CEO of Surf Loch and Wave House

TONY PEREZ – GM at Surfer & Surfing, The Enthusiast Network

MATT RUZICKA & SHANE BESCHEN – CoFounders of Playground Surf

ROSS MCCARTHY – Director & Founder of AirWave (Emerging Tech Panel)

ATSO ANDERSEN – President & Chairman of Artwave Surf Ltd. (Emerging Tech Panel)

CHEYNE CARNAHAN – CEO & Founder of Waves Manufacturing (Emerging Tech Panel)

BARRY HOPTON – Business Manager at ATG UV Technology (Filtration Panel)

SCOTT HYLAND – Sales Director of Neptune Benson (Filtration Panel)


  • Robert Reynolds – Director of Consumer Sports Investment Banking at Park Lane & Managing Director at Surf Park Solutions
  • Michael Navarro – President & Founder of Navarro Retail Group
  • Thomas Rudy – VP of Sports Investment Banking at Park Lane
  • Jamie Meiselman – Consultant for Surf Loch and Licensing Wavehouse brand for New Jersey Surf Park project
  • Chris Martin – Senior VP & Partner at Main Street Business Capital











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