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Surf Park and Wave Pool Videos, Films, and Documentaries

September 9, 2012: Following up on Globe’s well received middle eastern surf film, ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN, featured surfer Dion Agius and best friend/filmmaker Beren Hall leak a cutting room edit aptly titled POOL SCRAPS. Sans the orignal’s yellow Lamborghini and arid desert B-roll, the video features unseen Agius airs, even more sprawling Russian models and a never ending lineup of the world’s finest man made waves. Shot on location at the Al Ain Surf Park, 90 miles southwest of Dubai’s city center, the video runs just over 4 minutes with soundtrack by Gil Scott-Heron.” Excerpt from

August 31, 2012: Wave pool and surf park company American Wave Machines released a new teaser video today featuring their existing artificial wave pool technology and two conceptual wave pool designs.


June 18, 2012: Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven featuring Dion Agius at Wadi Adventures Wave Pool in the Dubai desert. Artificial waves, 10 Russian Models, a Lamborghini, and Dion boosting airs in one of the world’s best surf parks to date!

May 9, 2012: Check out the newest video release from Nick Hounsfield and the Wavegarden UK team! Footage from Wavegarden Spain and music by Richard Mcgonigal and Henry Price.


January 27, 2012: Wadi Adventure Wave Pool in Al Ain – Developed by Select Contracts

November 28, 2011: Webber Wave Pools – Greg Webber explains his wave pools in the first WWP Commercial Trailer

October 27, 2011: Kelly Slater Wave Company – Recreating the Surfing Experience


August 11, 2010: Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, and friends shred the Ocean Dome in Japan