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Surf Loch – Wave Pool and Surf Park Technology


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SurfLoch SurfPool rendering | Surf Park Central

Rendering of the Surf Loch SurfPool™. Photo: Surf Loch

SURF LOCH is a pioneering surf technology and entertainment company that specializes in the design, development, and operation of world-class surfing attraction venues worldwide.


To share the lifestyle and thrill of surfing with the world by building inland surf destinations that deliver authentic and unforgettable surf experiences that engage the body and mind. To encourage healthy living through outdoor recreation and promote the healing power of surfing. To teach, train, coach, and change lives. To make a positive economic and cultural impact.

Thomas J. Lochtefeld is the founder and CEO of the Surf Loch, Wave Loch, and Wave House family of companies. Since 1991, Tom Lochtefeld has been relentlessly focused on replicating the ultimate surfing/ride experience by building in-land surf entertainment attractions for the world to enjoy.

  • Holds 100+ patents and trademarks
  • Inventor, principal designer, & licensor for FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® stationary sheet wave technology with 200+ installations in 30+ countries
  • Co-Founder/developer for Raging Waters Theme Parks from 1984 – 1987 (San Dimas, San Jose, & Salt Lake City)
  • Created and developed Wave House® and FlowHouse® F&B surf entertainment venues with 6 locations worldwide

To learn more, contact Surf Loch directly here:

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Wave Loch SurfPool Circular | Surf Park Central

SurfPool™ Summary

Surf Loch Wave Systems utilize pneumatic technology that has reliably generated waves in commercial/recreation pools for over 30 years. Surf Loch uses individually powered pneumatic air chambers combined with patented hardware, proprietary software, and specially designed bottom contours to create customizable authentic surfing waves suitable for all skill levels ranging from 2ft – 10ft on demand.

All these factors allow for the development of commercial surfing venues that are easy/affordable to maintain, mechanically sound, and most importantly, commercially safe. Thus delivering an economically viable and emotionally engaging entertainment attraction for participants and spectators alike.

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