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Surf Lakes – Wave Pools and Wave Machines

Surf Lakes International | Surf Park Central

Surf Lakes International Conceptual Rendering

[su_tabs style=”default” active=”1″ vertical=”no” class=””] [su_tab title=”About” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]Surf Lakes’™- There is a problem which needs a solution. They say the problem is that everyone wants to surf, but less than 1% has ever tried due to fears such as drowning, marine life, weather etc. Surf Lakes’ solution is to produce eight waves at the same time at a rate of 2,400 per hour… Not only that, they say that their technology has the lowest energy cost per wave.

Based out of Queensland, Australia and founded by an underground coal mining expert, Aaron Travis. Aaron is a keen surfer in the surf capital of the world and he realized that they needed a way to extend surfing to those who can’t or don’t have access to the ocean. They came up with a concept that drew the attention of many, including Mark Occhilupo and Barton Lynch. Both are former ASP World Champs and surf legends. In order to input their wave knowledge, Surf Lakes recruited them as ambassadors. Surf Lakes™ currently has their first prototype under construction in Rockhampton, Queensland and are offering licensing opportunities for their technology.

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Surf Lakes

Occy Making Waves. Image: Surf Lakes Australia

Surf Lakes’™ design comes right from the fantasies of every surfer. Their lake, which is nearing the point of completion, comes in at 200m long x 150m wide. The middle of the lake houses a ‘plunger’ which moves up and down to pump out consecutive, large concentric waves which radiate outward toward the eight individual break sites.

Surf Lakes International Aerial Rendering | Surf Park Central

Surf Lakes International Conceptual Rendering – Top Down View

Like dropping a stone into a pond. Once the energy hits the individual reefs, a wave will run the length of the bottom contour and end on the shoreline. They used CFD computer modeling to design the bottom contours. Surf Lakes™ is capable of pumping out six wave sets with a small break in-between. The waves can be set from 1m (3ft) up to 2.4m (8ft). This technology produces waves suitable for the beginner as well as the expert level surfer. [/su_tab]


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Mark Occhilupo Talks With Surf Lake’s CEO,Aaron Trevis at The Surf Lakes Prototype

Surf Lakes Featured on ABC News

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Latest News on Surf Lakes Australia

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