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Murphy’s Waves – Wave Pool and Surf Park Technology

Murphy's Waves Tech Page

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Murphy’s Waves Ltd. are the leaders in designing and manufacturing of high-quality wave machine generators and specialized surfable wave generating systems alike. Their designs are used in wave pools, and surf parks around the world, including the famous Wave Palace at Siam Park, on the island of Tenerife, Spain.

As the recognized experts in their chosen field, they’re at the forefront of wave machine and surf system technology. With a highly experienced dedication to all aspects of project design, including water filtration systems and wave pool project management, they have a proven track record in the international water park industry.

Their products present clients with a marketing opportunity within the specialist surf retail sector. Boards, media events, clothing, and associated surf equipment can all be marketed to complement the wave pool. They strive to develop exciting and innovative new products to add to their existing range.

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Point Break Surf: The ultimate water park or surf park attraction is the ‘Point Break Surf’ wave generator. This surf machine is capable of generating waves of up to 3.3m (12ft) high. It is now possible to enjoy all the thrills and sensations of surfing in the ocean within a safe pool environment, where computer controlled left, right, and point breaks are all possible and height adjustable at the touch of a button. The world’s top professional surfers have enthused at our most recent surf pool installations and rated them ‘as good as the real thing,’ but with the advantage of a guaranteed great wave every time.

Wake Surfer: For many years circular wave pools have been spoken about, but to date no true circular wave pool with continuously radiating waves has ever been installed in a water park. The attraction of this pool shape is the large area of wave action, as well as the huge beach and increased capacity that both bring. We have designed a pool with a maximum depth of around 1 meter so that all of the pool will be useable by the majority of guests irrespective of age or height. The wave machine is completely new and novel and as such is being patented. It is designed to produce a wave with a steep face in the centre of the pool suitable for board riding. Beyond this point the wave propagates radially towards the beach where it will still have great shape and height to be used by all.

Double Barrel: Double Barrel has been designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of the fast emerging man-made surf industry, particularly in applications where the pool will only be used by surfers or those  learning to surf, and not in a regular water park situation. Our major focus is to provide well shaped and adjustable surfing waves, combined with increased frequency in order to maximize the capacity of the pool and provide the owner with maximum earning potential. In terms of wave performance, the Double Barrel can generate up to 20 perfect 1.5m (5ft) high surf waves per minute.

Standing Waves

BoardRider: The all new “BoardRider” combines skill, excitement and fun. Suitable for all age groups and skill levels, the “BoardRider” standing wave has been designed to provide optimum surf performance. The BoardRider is ideal as a multi-person body board ride or as a full-on individual surfing experience suitable for both learners and surf-pros. The “BoardRider” can be designed, manufactured and installed as a new stand alone feature or can be integrated with a lazy river, wave or surf pool attraction. In each case our innovative structural surf machine design can include a spectator gallery, retail shop or surf board hire unit. The visible appeal of the “BoardRider” guarantees your surf park will have large queues of eager users and spectators, opening the door to a world of retail opportunity, advertising, media events and increased profits.

Skim Waves

StingRay: Stingray is the world’s first surfing / skim-boarding half pipe ride. For the first time ever it will be possible to ride up curved sidewalls at 90 degrees to the direction of the water flow. For general waterpark use Stingray can function in a lower power setting to give a thrilling body boarding experience, or for more experienced groups or competitions it can be used with our specially designed skim boards allowing riders to stand up and carve high onto the curved side walls.


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