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Contribute to Surf Park Central

At Surf Park Central we welcome contributions. If you’d like to be featured on please send us an email.

What are we interested in featuring?
Well, if it’s related to surfing outside the ocean on man-made waves there’s a good chance we’re interested in featuring YOU!

♦ Surf / Wave Pool Focused Articles
♦ Surf / Wave Pool Technology Research & Developments
♦ Surf Park & Wave Pool Travel Features
♦ High Quality Videos & Photos of Wave Pool Surfing
♦ Surf / Wave Pool & Surf Park Events
♦ Surf / Wave Pool & Surf Park Destinations
♦ Surf Pool tested and recommended surf products and gear.
♦ Industry news relevant to wave pools, surf parks, and wave technology.
♦ Articles, photos, and podcasts

Who are we interested in featuring?
Wave Technology Companies, Developers, Athletes, Owner / Operators, Researchers, Investors, Suppliers and anyone with a role (or strong opinion!) on the development of surf parks, surf pools and wave pools.

While we welcome all contributions, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published. Submissions may be edited for style, grammar, or clarity before being published. By submitting content to, you acknowledge that you own full rights to your submission and consent to publishing it on and extensions and release of any liabilities concerning your submission. Any inaccuracies in published content must be redressed by the author as soon as they are discovered.

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