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Artwave Surf Emerging Tech Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 | Teaser Version

Surf Park Summit 2 | Artwave Surf Teaser


Dr. Atso Andersen’s Artwave Surf Emerging Tech Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 (Teaser Version)

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Teaser version of Dr. Atso Andersen’s Artwave Surf Emerging Tech presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 on September 7, 2016. Can man-made waves be successfully produced in open water? Can technology be portable and leave no trace to nature? Can it be energy-efficient? Artwave Surf’s presentation discusses the Nordic approach to surfing in city harbors, lakes and rivers.


Dr. Atso Andersen is a founder of Artwave Surf Ltd. He has 20 years of experience in research, product development and start-ups. In addition to various roles in digital marketplace and consulting start-ups, he has been responsible for university-industry relationships in Aalto University and managed wealth management R&D portfolios in the finance industry. Currently he leads Artwave Surf Ltd. and facilitates digital transformation in one of the largest financial groups in Finland. He holds Ph.D. in economics. Atso Andersen lives in Finland and is passionate about bringing surfing to landlocked locations.


Artwave Surf Ltd. was established 2014 as a continuation of a series of university research projects on open-water surf technology. Artwave holds all the rights to the patented technology. It continues R&D work related to the technology and commercialization of the invention globally. We are step by step increasing our presence and looking for opportunities for the first large-scale projects. We see this project comparable to the birth of ski resorts and golf courses. Over decades and centuries those sites have evolved into spaces between wilderness and urban society, allowing safe connection to the nature. With clever technology we can fully appreciate the nature and surf like never before.”